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CIGARDEN is a mobile cigar service that aspires to educate and cultivate great cigar experiences for novice cigar smokers and aficionados. Add our service to your next event to make it memorable...or make it the event itself!​​​​

Cigar 101

(uncut end of a cigar the "cap" covers the very tip of the cigar )

(the curved portion near the head)

(the outter layer of the cigar )

(the layer just beneath the wrapper)

(the band identifies the brand of the not pictured)

(the tobacco inside of a cigar)

(already cut end of a cigar)

Wrapper Shades
Connecticut – light tan wrapper, usually mild and smooth

Natural – light brown to brown, mild-medium bodied

Colorado – reddish dark brown, robust and rich in flavor, aromatic burn, medium bodied

Maduro – very dark brown, usually sweet and strong flavor, medium-full or full bodied

Oscuro – the darkest Maduro wrapper, almost black, strong flavor

Cigars are measured by their length (expressed in inches) and their girth or "ring gauge". The ring gauge is measured in units of 1/64th of an inch. A 64-inch cigar would be one inch in diameter.

The most common size cigar is a Corona which can measure 5 1/2 to 6 inches and 42 to 44 ring gauge.

The size of a cigar does not determine its strength. 

The strength of a cigar is used to describe the potency of the tobacco used in a cigar.

The strength is often times rated as follows:

  • Light (or Mild)
  • Light to Medium (or Mild to Mid)
  • Medium (or Mid)
  • Medium to Full (Mid to Full)
  • Full




Note: The information contained on this page is meant to merely tempt your thirst for knowledge when it comes to cigars and cigar smoking. It is only the tip of the iceberg. We highly recommend that you research additional websites and publications for more indepth knowledge on this topic.