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CIGARDEN is a mobile cigar service that aspires to educate and cultivate great cigar experiences for novice cigar smokers and aficionados. Add our service to your next event to make it memorable...or make it the event itself!​​​​


Our list of "Favorites" is continually growing. In an effort to introduce our fellow smokers, and ourselves, to something different from time-to-time our list may change. Let us know what you like. We are always open to suggestions.

Acid Blondie - Blue (Mid)
Acid Blondie - Gold (Mid)
Acid Blondie - Green (Mid)
Acid Blondie - Red (Mid)
Chocolate (Mild - Mid)
Chocolate Cherry (Mild - Mid)
Chocolate Mint (Mild - Mid)
Crown Royal Apple (Mid - Full)

Cognac (Mid - Full)
Groovy Blue (Mild)
Honey (Mild - Mid)
Latte (Mild - Mid)
Moonshine (Mid - Full)
Rum (Mid - Full)

Tequila (Mid - Full)
White Hennesy (Mid - Full)
Whiskey (Mid - Full)
Vanilla (Mild - Mid)

Mild  - Mid

Ashton Connecticut - (Mild)
Cohiba Blue Label - (Mild)
La Aurora - (Mid)

Macanudo - (Mild)
Montecristo Classic - (Mild - Mid)
Montecristo White Series - (Mild - Mid)
Nat Sherman - (Mild - Mid)
NUB Connecticut - (Mid)

Padron 2000 Natural - (Mid)
Oliva Serie G - (Mid)
Rocky Patel Edge Lite - (Mild - Mid)
Romeo Y Julieta - (Mid)

Mid - Full

Acid Kuba Kuba - (Full)
Acid Kuba Maduro - (Full)
CAO Brazilia - (Full)
Espinosa Reggae Dredd - (Full)
Flathead 660 - (Full)
Gurkha Maduro - (Full)
Gurkha Legend - (Mid - Full)
NUB Habano - (Mid - Full)
Nica Rustica - (Full)
Padron 2000 Maduro - (Full)
​Punch - (Mid - Full)
​Rocky Patel Edge - (Mid - Full)

Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra - (Full)
Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 - (Full)
Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary - (Full)

Other Stuff

Cigars in a Jar
Customized jar full of what your are looking for. (Requires one week for delivery. Price based on selection.)
Bar in Jar - Small (7 Dipped Cigars)
1 Air Tight Glass Jar
1 Humidity Pack
1 White Hennessy
1 Crown Royal Apple
1 Whiskey
1 Cognac
1 Tequila
1 Moonshine
1 Rum
Bar in Jar - Large (14 Dipped Cigars) Includes:
1 Air Tight Glass Jar
1 Humidity Pack
2 White Hennessy
2 Crown Royal Apple
2 Whiskey
2 Cognac
2 Tequila
2 Moonshine
2 Rum